Frequencies Foundation

Frequencies Foundation is a non-profit organisation founded by artist Oscar Murillo and led by political scientist Clara Dublanc. The Foundation supports research, develops projects and makes grants globally in the spheres of art and education, as well as being the custodian of the Frequencies archive.

The archive was produced through Frequencies, a worldwide collaboration capturing everyday mark-making by school students. Initiated by Murillo in 2013, the project has engaged with over 350 schools and approximately 100,000 students in more than 30 countries across 5 continents, affixing blank canvas to classroom desks and inviting students to freely draw, write and mark onto it over a period of several months. The resulting canvases, with their accumulation of intentional and unintentional markings, form the Frequencies archive which to date comprises over 40,000 individual examples.

Frequencies Foundation works to facilitate interaction with the archive through different approaches: photographic digitisation of the canvases; commissioning research focusing on the collection; producing exhibitions and other opportunities for public engagement. The Foundation promotes art education activities for young people and offers opportunities for participating schools and other organisations to apply for grants to develop their own projects.